Astronomer software - one k8s namespace for all airflow workspaces/deployments

Astronomer creates a namespace in k8s for each workspace created for Airflow deployment. Is it possible to configure astronomer using helm chart so that only 1 namespace is created? Finally we can have one namespace for astronomer software and one namespace for all the Airflow workspaces/deployments. The question on why I am wanting this is so that we can better manage RBAC to developers for testing, integrating, troubleshooting etc and right now its difficult to setup RBAC on the namespaces which are dynamically gets created by Astronomer.

There is a configuration in the helm chart for “single namespace mode”. It’s been a while since I’ve looked, so I would absolutely encourage you to test to make sure all the functionality is still there.

I think there are also various good reasons to use multiple namespaces, which is why it’s the default, so do consider that you are sure you want to enable this.

Thanks @fritz-astronomer. I didn’t see if there was such option. When I checked with support team, they said “We do not actively encourage the pattern of a single namespace for all deployments. The better option is to enable pre-configured namespace pools. This allows you to have RBAC and everything already configured for the only namespaces Astronomer software would use. The configuration for this can be found here. This feature allows you to use a template for the pre-configured namespaces but also the benefit of not having one deployment hog resources that are restricted by the platform. This would prevent a single namespace from creating a large amount of resources like disk space, pods, high memory, or high CPU pods and starve the other deployments for resources.”.

I will re-visit this option in future again if there is such need. Good for now. Thanks for your response.

Support gave the much better reply :smile: I’d take that advice