Clear Logs and better explanation of UI in context of Astronomer Cloud?

On Astronomer Cloud, is there a quick way to clear all these Run logs?

Also, could you please provide a bit more documentation on what Refresh and Delete DAG symbols actually do in this context:

If I delete a DAG and redeploy the same code, what happens? This is a bit ambiguous to me? And is “refresh” ever needed? When would I use that?

refresh just tells the webserver to re-parse the dag file and refresh the web ui. So somethigns when changes are made to files in the dags folder, the ui takes a few minutes to load and show those changes. Some impatient people, like me, like to click that refresh button to hurry to process up :slight_smile: You don’t ever need to click, and it doesn’t hurt to click it.

The delete button should remove all records of the dag from the backend database. so if you remove a dag file from dags folder, you will still see it’s history in the web ui bc records exist in the database from prior dag runs. If you have removed a dag from the dag folder, then click the delete dag button, it will clear those records from the database as if that dag never existed. If you then added that dag file back to the dags folder, it would load it as normal with no history of dag runs. and if you have catchup on, it will start running dagruns from your start_date til now.