CLI Error: `Failed to authenticate to the registry`

I’m not able to deploy my job since it fails to authenticate to registry when I login for astronomer cloud. I have pasted the error message below.

" sudo astro auth login
[sudo] password for pavithra:
CLUSTER WORKSPACE 7bee299b-9745-4714-a197-0a0fd56e72eb

Switched cluster
Username (leave blank for oAuth):
unknown flag: --password-stdin
See ‘docker login --help’.
Failed to authenticate to the registry, this can occur when registry is offline. Until authenticated you will not be able to push new images to your Airflow clusters"

I have tried with and without sudo and the error is same. Any help is much appreciated.

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This is caused by docker credentials being mismatched somewhere along the deploy process.

Few things to try:

  • Verify that there is a .docker file in your home directory, and a config.json is generated
  • Try logging out of docker and trying it
  • Try to docker auth

You might want to consider reinstalling docker

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Quick update in here: It looks like updating Docker (even over re-installing it) does the trick for anyone having this issue. We recommend running Docker v18.0.0 or higher.

Related GitHub issue here: