Delete `Pending` user invite on Astronomer UI (v0.9.2 - 0.9.7)

If you’re running Astronomer Enterprise v0.9.2 - v0.9.7, you might run into a known bug (addressed in Astronomer v0.10) that prevents you from deleting a User that’s in a Pending state on your Users tab in the Astronomer UI.

If you’re running any Astronomer version under v0.10, follow the steps below to delete that user:

  1. Head to your Astronomer UI and navigate to basedomain/token
  2. Copy that token and head to your GraphQL playground
  3. Place that token in the HTTP Headers section at the bottom of that page using the following format: `{ “Authorization”: “” }
  4. Run astro workspace list via the CLI, and grab your workspaceUuid
  5. Run the following query to get your pending user’s ID:
query invites {
  invites(workspaceUuid:"<your-workspace-uuid>" )
  1. Grab the uuid of the pending user you’d like to delete and use it in the following mutation:
mutation deleteInvite{
  deleteInviteToken(inviteUuid: "<your-invite-uuid>" )

You’re all set! More info on querying Houston (the Astronomer API) here:

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