Override default navbar color

Is it possible to override the default Astronomer navbar color? I tried setting the AIRFLOW__WEBSERVER__NAVBAR_COLOR variable in Admin > variables and in a .env file while running Astronomer locally but it doesn’t override the default. I’d ideally like to use different colored navbars for different environments.

Hi @christina! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, the Astronomer Core Nav Var is hard-coded and cannot be overrideable on Astronomer, including with an AC 2.0 image.

There’s unfortunately no other easy way to visually distinguish between 2+ Airflow Deployments, but it’s a pain point we’re giving a lot of thought to over the next few months. If you find a workaround, we’re always curious to know! Otherwise, we’ll post back in here with updates as we come up with and ship longer-term solutions.

Note: Related Airflow PR that calls for the ability to customize the DAGs home page in the Airflow UI - https://github.com/apache/airflow/pull/10162. This is likely something we’d support on AC, though I can’t confirm.