Pool for taskgroups

We are setting up airflow (2.0.4 because amazon offers that as a managed service), and would like to be able to use pools as at taskgroup level. Is that possible within airflow?

specifically we dynamically generated taskgroups that looks more or less

   with TaskGroup(group_id=f'Glue_{tgId}') as tg: 
       start=_startgGlueJob(...)    #  @task
       waitforCompletion= _waitForJobComlete(...)  # @AwsGlueJobSensor

I can add the pool to both start and sensor, however i need them to be in a critical sensor, aka the pool slot get acquired by start or before, it does not get release until the sensor is done.

Alternatively is a class or or some other methods to acquire a pool slot and then to release it programmatically?