Project directory has uncommmited changes

When I try to run airflow deploy, I get the following message and have to use the -f flag to push the changes to the cluster.

I assume this has something to do with the git repo being in a dirty state, but I am not sure how I can clean it up. Any suggestions?

Project directory has uncommited changes, use `astro airflow deploy [releaseName] -f` to force deploy.

yes, it means you have changes to files that you haven’t committed yet to git. you should be able to run git status to see these differences

Thanks, that helped.
The “root” directory of our astronomer project is included in a private git repository.
So I am wondering, what exactly does airflow deploy command do? How is aware of the internal git repo, and how come having unstaged changes to the private repo block a deploy? Some of the files there are not even astronomer files.

Is there some git hook or something else used by airflow deploy that gets confused?

The typical pattern we see is an astro project has it’s own git repo. But you can structure it differently if you want. The cli just uses git to check if that git project as any uncommitted changes. It’s just a safety check. You can for the deploy with the -f flag.

In my case it’s the opposite situation. I would rather not commit the changes to the git repo before I see they behave as expected in the deployment. Thanks anyway.

@bgutu Yea, that’s expected - deploying with the -f flag just ensures that you know that what you’re deploying hasn’t yet been committed to your corresponding git repo or saved locally.

You’re free to “force” deploy with that flag before pushing anything up to git to test it out and won’t have any inherent issues doing so.

Thanks for clarifying :+1: