Scheduler takes long time to run a DAG

i’ve face some weird issue where DAG takes almost 12 sec to up and running.
here’s a log,

[2021-06-29 20:05:**31**,119] {} INFO - Running: ['***', 'tasks', 'run', 'Vdag', 'T1_Task', '2021-06-29T14:35:12.392238+00:00', '--job-id', '201', '--pool', 'default_pool', '--raw', '--subdir', 'DAGS_FOLDER/', '--cfg-path', '/tmp/tmpjkgbzcxy', '--error-file', '/tmp/tmpc81kkcq2']
[2021-06-29 20:05:31,120] {} INFO - Job 201: Subtask T1_Task
[2021-06-29 20:05:**37**,162] {} INFO - Running <TaskInstance: Vdag.T1_Task 2021-06-29T14:35:12.392238+00:00 [running]> on host
[2021-06-29 20:05:**43**,222] {} INFO - Exporting the following env vars:

any suggestion on this.

That is actually considered to be a pretty good time depending on which version of Airflow you are running.

Which Airflow version is your deployment running?

Using Airflow v2.1.0

I think that’s pretty standard. Sometimes, it can be faster depending on where in the scheduler job loop Airflow is in.

I would need to look at the scheduler logs to determine whether or not there are other factors affecting the scheduling time.