Trouble with deploying - Failed to authenticate to the registry


I’m not able to deploy my job since it fails to authenticate to registry when I login for astronomer cloud. I have pasted the error message below.

" sudo astro auth login
[sudo] password for pavithra:
CLUSTER WORKSPACE 7bee299b-9745-4714-a197-0a0fd56e72eb

Switched cluster
Username (leave blank for oAuth):
unknown flag: --password-stdin
See ‘docker login --help’.
Failed to authenticate to the registry, this can occur when registry is offline. Until authenticated you will not be able to push new images to your Airflow clusters"

I have tried with and without sudo and the error is same. Any help is much appreciated.


This is caused by docker credentials being mismatched somewhere along the deploy process.

Few things to try:

  • Verify that there is a .docker file in your home directory, and a config.json is generated
  • Try logging out of docker and trying it
  • Try to docker auth

You might want to consider reinstalling docker