Writing new provider in Apache Airflow


  1. I want to write a new provider in Apache Airflow for Firebolt database. Please provide any documentation for reference if available.
  2. Also, I am not able to install the developer mode of Apache Airflow.



We created an airflow-provider-sample repo to help people get started with creating provider packages. Go ahead and follow the README there to get started. We recommend starting a new provider as a python package before contributing to airflow. Once you publish your provider package to pip reach out and we’ll review it to put it on the Astronomer Registry. Additionally, read the Airflow Provider Package documentation for more information.

Hi David,
Thanks for the help!!

I am able to put new provider in Airflow Connection UI but when I am entering all the credentials, I am not able to test it. The test button is disabled from Connection UI. How should we enable the test button.



@anshul-hiran What version of Airflow are you running? Testing connections via the UI wasn’t made available until Airflow 2.2.