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Astro CLI

The Astro CLI is a command-line tool to allow you to get started with Apache Airflow quickly. It is open-source, can be used to spin-up local Airflow environments and it can be used with all Astronomer products. It is an important part of the CI/CD process for integrating with Astronomer products.


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Astro SDK

Astro Python SDK is a Python SDK for rapid development of ETL/ELT workflows in Airflow. It automatically adds the data dependencies between your tasks making your DAG data-aware based on the order of data processing.


Astronomer Cosmos is a framework for dynamically generating Apache Airflow DAGs from other tools and frameworks. Develop your workflow in your tool of choice and render it in Airflow as a DAG or Task Group! Currently we support dbt. So you can code in dbt and then use our operators to render it as a DAG in Airflow!