Airflow AUTH_ROLES_MAPPING for LDAP not working

Hello Team,

For airflow UI authentication I have configured the FAB-based and auth type is LDAP. The user able to log in the airflow UI but Role mapping is not working which I configured in

Followed the below document for configuration :slight_smile:

Problem - for every logged-in user assigning the USER_REGISTRATION_ROLE that configured in the config file. My concern is for the user should assign the role ( user/admin/viewer ) as per the LDAP group that I configured in config file.

My config file role mapping :slight_smile:

    "cn=edhadmin,OU=groups,DC=cloudera,DC=local": ["User"],
    "cn=cloud_spend_analysts,OU=groups,DC=cloudera,DC=local": ["User"],
    "cn=dcoe_de,OU=groups,DC=cloudera,DC=local": ["User"],

AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_FIELD = "memberOf=cn=All_Workers_WW"


The above configuration not working. Can anyone please suggest whats the wrong here ?

This issue has been resolved.

@pbhadange What was the issue? I am facing the same issue.