Airflow Sensor Failure Conditions

I have a MSSQL Sensor checking into a status table to verify that I have refresh tasks completing on a server. I want to use the sensor in reschedule mode so that it doesnt try to hold a single connection to the SQL server open for the entirety of the sensor run. This sensor also has a specific Success and Failure condition. Here is the issue.

If i set a timeout on the sensor and retries to 0 the first iteration when it doesnt hit the success criteria it fails. If I set retries on the sensor task each time the success condition isnt satisfied it reschedules the sensor up to the number of retries. The problem is that it also does this when the explicit failure condition is hit the sensor keeps rescheduling.

The behavior I want is

On Success … mark task as success and move on
On Explicit Failure Condition … Mark task as failed
On any other Condition … reschedule task