Airflow tasks in Dag are failing(Not yet started)

HI ,
We have Airflow version 1.10.2 running, Wanted to upgrade to 2.0.2, Have currently upgraded to intermediate version 1.10.15, after updating Intermediate version, When trying to trigger the Dag, Tasks are getting failed, ( it is reporting as status failed and Not Yet started) , no logs are shown , where as i am able to execute successfully the Example dags, can you please help on this

Hey, there are few breaking changes in Airflow 2.0 relating too operator imports, config files, etc… Have you tried steps 3-6 in the Airflow 2.0 upgrade doc? I think it gives a good overview of changes you may need to make to your Airflow dags and environment for 2.0. The upgrade-check doc may help you as well.

I have followed everything in those docs. And my dags are still intermittently failing are failing due to -Not yet started

Hi, This got fixed as there is a mismatch in Fernet Key in the DB and in the configuration file, once they have matched, it got fixed, Thanks