Astro run command line output and logs

using astro run <dag> I noticed that logs (python logging) are not shown on the console and not even error stack traces.
I use python logging in both my custom operators and dags but nothing appears. It does appear when I use the canonical print, but that is not what I want to do.

Is it possible to see the stacktrace of the errors on console running astro run ... like the ones on Airflow UI instead of the error message without stacktrace?

Using something like:

task_logger = logging.getLogger("airflow.task")"LOG!")

Doesn’t work in both Airflow UI and astro run ...
How can I make it work in both including the stacktrace?



We will be releasing a --verbose flag for the astro run command in an upcoming release of Astro CLI(1.18) that should show the error stacktrace when used. Astro CLI 1.18 should be out sometime in the next couple weeks.