Astronomer Airflow cluster policies with pluggy interface

Starting Airflow 2.6.0, there is a Cluster Policies feature using a setuptools entrypoint in a custom module with the Pluggy interface. Cluster Policies — Airflow Documentation
The path is a no go, this is not supported in Astronomer. Develop your Astro project | Astronomer Documentation

Can someone please provide an example on implementing cluster policies with pluggy Astronomer Airflow?
I have difficulty figuring out where to place pyproject.toml and how to use setuptools to reference the policy file in Astronomer project environment.

BTW, this is for Astro runtime 8.3.0, Airflow 2.6.1 .

I have already figured out how this works.

Hey @ltu2023

Glad that you were able to solve it and sincere apologies that your question slipped through the cracks.

Would you be willing to share your solution with the community ?