Can I configure Airflow alert emails from my local environment?

Airflow Emails on Astronomer

There are 2 categories of emails you can set up on Astronomer:

1. Task-level Airflow emails that you can configure at the task level by following our Airflow Alerts Doc and setting up your own SMTP service (SendGrid, Amazon SES, etc.)

2. Platform-level emails specific to your deployment on Astronomer Cloud. These of course are dependent on the Astronomer-hosted resources powering your deployment and the metrics stack we’ve built on top of them

Locally, you CAN set up task-level Airflow emails (1).

How to set up Airflow Emails Locally

  1. Set up your own SMTP service

  2. Follow our Airflow Alerts Guide

  3. Instead of putting your SMTP Environment Variables (with sensitive creds) in your Dockerfile, you can put them in the .env​ file that’s automatically generated when you initialize a project via our CLI

    • This file will load env vars into your image for local dev only - it will not impact your push to Cloud
  4. Make sure .env​ is in your .dockerignore​ file so that it’s not pushed up to your GitHub repo with sensitive creds

  5. Make sure your Astro CLI version installed is v0.7.5-2 or higher

    • If you’re on Cloud, careful to upgrade past v0.7.5-2, as it won’t currently be compatible
    • If you’re on Enterprise, always make sure your CLI version matches your Astronomer platform version