Create user just hangs

Attempting to create user ‘admin’, but the command just hangs. Is there another way to do this?

astro dev run users create --username admin --firstname admin --lastname admin --role Admin --email
Running: airflow users create --username admin --firstname admin --lastname admin --role Admin --email

This came about as an attempt to clear an error by manually creating user admin. The parent error was a failure to serve target “home” which was ultimately traced to a problem with the Dockerfile.

Please see Home doesn't exist for resolution of the parent problem.

You shouldn’t need to create an admin user for your local deployment because it is already done for you by Astronomer.

You should be able to log in with admin/admin

Agreed. :+1:

This experiment turned out to be a blind alley. Shall I delete the original post?

Nah I don’t think you need to.

The important thing is that the issue is resolved!