Data Profiling menu (with "Ad-Hoc Query" tab) missing in the Airflow UI

Hi, everyone,

I am running a local instance of Airflow using the CLI.

It’s running a custom Docker image based on astronomerinc/ap-airflow:1.10.10-buster-onbuild.

I noticed that the data profiling and thus the ad hoc query menu is gone. Is that intentional? Is there a way to restore it? I am trying to find a quick way to verify my database connection settings.


Hi @larry.komenda! The Ad-Hoc feature was deprecated in early 1.10 Airflow versions for security reasons. The deprecation is applicable on both Astronomer + vanilla Airflow images with RBAC enabled (which is true on Astronomer).

We have a ticket internally for our team to build out a new way to test connections, as it’s a feature a lot of our customers used to take advantage of. With that said, it’s not actively in the works and I can’t give a concrete update for when a feature like that would be available.

If you happen to want to query your own Metadata Database (a common use case for the Ad Hoc Query tab), we have instructions on the best way to set up that connection and test it here:

Hope that answers your question, @larry.komenda!

Thanks, Paola. I thought that might be the case. I actually need it to query an external Oracle database. For now I’ll just use some very simple DAGs.

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