Does airflow_settings.yaml support environment variables?

Hi, does the airflow settings file support environment variables from the host machine?
For exemple below USER_PASS is an env variable on the local host environment.

    - conn_id: 'some_connection'
      conn_type: 'postgres'
      conn_host: ''
      conn_login: 'some_user'
      conn_password: ${USER_PASS}
      conn_port: 5439
      conn_schema: 'some_schema'
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At the moment, it does not.

What about in the Docker file? something like this works if the $PASS variable is defined in the .env file:


But using the same Dockerfile with deploy doesn’t seem to work.

@AndrewHarmon, are there any plans to get this implemented?

I think this would be a great feature to implement, as it’d allow us to be able to commit a template of the expected airflow_settings.yaml in our development environments to the git repository. One of the pain points I deal with is when my team members need me to send them a copy of my airflow_settings.yaml, and I have to painstakenly remove my own credentials before sending it over.

Also, we use our Windows domain credentials for SMB & SQL Server credentials, so this would allow us to hide our computers’ password from prying eyes :wink: