Freezing a deployment

Hello :wave:
We have an integration environment that we need to use from time to time to test some features. Most of the time this environment is sitting there doing nothing, but if we just were to delete it, we’d loose all our connections and variable configurations.
Is it possible to freeze a cloud deployment somehow, or take it to a state where the cost is reduced but the database state is kept?

Hi @dcereijodo! Thanks for reaching out here. The ability to fully pause a deployment /freeze resource usage is not currently available, but it’s an interesting feature request and something our team is thinking about heavily in the context of cost control, pricing and autoscaling.

Like you mentioned, you have 2 options:

  1. Set your resources in the “Deployment Configure” page on Astronomer to near-zero
    • Note that your Webserver + Scheduler have absolute minimums of 5AU ($50 ea/mo)
    • If you have alerts enabled, consider removing your email from the “Metrics” tab to not get component “unhealthy” alerts
  2. Delete your deployment and spin it back up

Deleting your Airflow Deployment entirely does force you to re-create Airflow Connections/Variables, but do note that Airflow 1.10.10 comes with the ability to sync Connections + Variables with a handful of the most common Secret Backends (AWS Secret Manager, AWS Parameter Store, GCP Secret Manager, Hashicorp Vault etc.) That requires setting an Env Var on Astronomer, but could make it easier on your side.

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