How can I configure ephemeral storage on Astronomer?


Airflow users looking to pass a relatively large amount of data to a destination (e.g. downloading data from somewhere and dumping it to S3) might need to configure ephemeral storage on a Celery Worker or Kubernetes Worker Pod.

On Astronomer, ephemeral storage is configured at the platform level here and, as noted above, applies to all Celery Workers or Kubernetes Worker Pods on the platform: The default ephemeral storage limit is 2Gi by default.

If you have a task that needs more than 2Gi of ephemeral storage, you can:

  • A. Raise the default at the platform level and have it apply to all workers/tasks (though it’s likely that not all workers will need that much storage)
  • B. Switch to the KubernetesExecutor and request/mount a volume at the task level (you can’t set volume requests with Celery) and then manually delete that volume from the cluster after the task has completed

Note: As of Airflow 1.10.11, users will be able to use the KubePodOperator and leverage the ability to define ephemeral storage at the task level (apache/airflow#6337), without having to touch platform-level defaults.

Additional Notes:

Ephemeral storage is configured a bit differently than some of the other configurations on Astronomer Enterprise since it is not tied to the AU:

In this example config.yaml:

  acme: false
  baseDomain: <BASEDOMAIN>
  tlsSecret: astronomer-tls
              ephemeral-storage: 20Gi
              ephemeral-storage: 20Gi
              ephemeral-storage: 310Gi
              ephemeral-storage: 310Gi
        enabled: true
        reply: <REPYADDRESSS>
        smtpUrl: <SMTPURL>
      publicSignups: false

This sets the ephemeral storage limits for a namespace to 310Gi and launch celerly workers in all deployments with 20Gi of ephemeral storage. Make sure that your limits are in line with the nodes you are using.