How do I delete old DAGs from the Airflow UI?

How do make changes to the meta database on the astronomer cloud platform when it’s been deployed? I’ve changed the name of some of my dags and want to clean out the old ones, is there a way for me to send a query to drop those from the dags table?

Hi @johnlim!

If you’re running Airflow 1.9 on Astronomer, that’s something we can take care of. If you let us know which DAG files you want deleted, we have access to the underlying database and can get them permanently deleted and off of your dashboard.

To delete pre-loaded example_dags locally on Airflow 1.9, add the following to your dockerfile:


Note: Airflow 1.10 would actually allow you to do that yourself directly on the Airflow UI. Astronomer’s default currently runs on Airflow 1.9 but if you’re interested, we do have experimental support for 1.10 that a good chunk of our customers are taking advantage off.

Awesome! I’d like to upgrade to 1.10, where do I make that switch?

Hi @johnlim! You got it - check out the forum post I linked to above for instructions (it’s quick): How do I run Airflow 1.10 on Astronomer v0.7?