I am running a dag in which I have a task which is extracting data from svn. So this task is running for 3 hours properly after that the task shows error-the job kill itself most likely due to out of memory

I am running a task in airflow dag and task is extracting data from SVN. The task is running for 3-4 hours properly.and after it is showing out of memory error.
The error can be seen in screenshot. When I run this python function on local system it is ultilizing 2.9 gb memory.
My airflow docker container has 12 gb memory limit.

I just ran into the same issue, were you able to figure out a solution?

Hey @BrettlyCD or @Hardik12

Are you still facing this issue ?

Typically when there are memory issues, following settings could be looked into:

  • Number of active tasks that are running in parallel which are contending for the worker’s memory and cpu resources?
  • Memory allocated and available to be used by the worker container
  • Does your system have enough memory available that is allocated to Docker container? (For example, if your system has 16 GB memory it is not possible each container can get 12 GB of memory)
  • Is your process consuming more memory at run-time than actual file/data being processed?

Hopefully these pointers will help.