Newbie Questions

Hi everyone

New Airflow user here, very happy to have found this forum, hopefully in time I’ll be able to put in at least what I take out.

I have two questions which are somewhat related:

  1. What learning materials do folks recommend? I’m working through the various courses on Udemy, but have been a little frustrated to find that much of the content is pre v2. Does anyone know if there are any new books planned? Was going to get Airflow in Action, but again… it seems to be missing new content. Perhaps there will be a new edition?

  2. Are users switching over to the Taskflow API? In my environment everything is predicated on Python based processing, so it seems like a no-brainer (having spent the last week or more learning the pre v2 methods on Udemy). Is the Taskflow API the de-facto going forward?

Would appreciate any pointers to learning materials which I may, as a noob, have missed.