Openshift or Cloud Kubernetes environment for Astronomer?

Should I use a cloud environment or Openshift to run Astronomer?

  • Cloud Kubernetes environments make it easy to spin up isolated, application specific environments that can host turn key enterprise grade applications (built in security, logging, monitoring, etc.) whereas shared OpenShift environments can result in degraded user experiences due to internal policies.
  • Standard environments and scoped configurations allow for more effective application support from 3rd party vendors
  • Robust load balancing solutions ( that are often found within other cloud applications and allow for authentication at the LB level.
  • Cloud Kubernetes environments can autoscale on the fly without any manual intervention and no disruption to any services, whereas OpenShift may require additional resources to be added manually by administrators. Depending on the team and configuration, this could take far too long.
  • Cloud Kubernetes environments are integrated with other cloud services for things like authentication (AWS IAM), network services, storage, user management, and cost control.
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