Run another service locally

I’d like to test an API I have running in Node locally as well as my Airflow setup, how can I set up that service to run locally so that it’s available to my astronomer worker?

HI, so you are running node on your local machine, and then running astro airflow start to spin up a local airflow cluster. Are you using Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac? Bc those should allow you to access something running on your localhost. in airflow, setup you connection to point to host.docker.internal and the appropriate port number. That should let things in your astro containers access something running on your localhost.

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This is exactly what I was trying to do. It worked perfectly! I didn’t know I needed to use host.docker.internal instead of localhost. Thanks for your help @AndrewHarmon

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Yeah, it’s pretty cool! makes it easy. Glad it worked out!