Run daily dag at given hour

Hello astronomer team,
I want to run my dag every day at 15h if i deliver before 15h. Please take note that I’m in Thailand and I have to consider about the Timezone gap between my local timezone and Airflow’s timezone which is UTC0. So, the exact time is 15–7=8.

Notice: deliver_Date = ‘05-11-2020 07:05:00’

default_args = {
'owner': 'airflow',
'depends_on_past': False,
'start_date': deliver_date - timedelta(days= 1),
'email': ['']
dag = DAG(
description='my first dag',
schedule_interval='0 8 * * *',

I deliver 05-11-2020 14:05:00 and i was surprised that the dag begin running at the date of delivery. Normally the dag should work at 15h what is not the case. Hope that im clear . If you can help, please don’t hesitate. gracias