Snowflake connection type missing from dropdown menu in Airflow 2.0

I can’t seem to find the snowflake connection type in Airflow 2.0 conn type drop-down menu. It used to exist in Airflow 1.10.5 (see pic below). I’m hoping to upgrade to 2.0 but I need to be able to connect to Snowflake. Any workarounds to connect to Snowflake? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @yathor! First off, we’re pumped to hear that you’re on a path to Airflow 2.0 on Astronomer.

To answer your question, Connection Types in Airflow 2.0 are dependent on Airflow Provider Packages that are installed. In other words, you’ll need Airflow’s Snowflake provider (apache-airflow-providers-snowflake) in order to see the Snowflake ConnType in the Airflow UI.

Can you try adding that? If you’re running an Airflow Deployment on Astro that’s already on Airflow 2.0, simply add the package (apache-airflow-providers-snowflake) into your requirements.txt file and deploy to Astronomer or to your local environment.

Some resources on providers if you want to read further:

Note: We’ve seen some folks who incorporate SSL run into an error with the Snowflake provider (WARNING: The candidate selected for download or install is a yanked version: 'apache-airflow-providers-snowflake' candidate... Reason for being yanked: Snowflake breaks openssl when used). This is caused by Snowflake-specific code, but do feel free to reach out to Astronomer Support if you run into it.

Thanks Paola! I’ll give this a try.

Hey Paola, I ran into the issue you warned me about so I just started a request with your support team. Thanks again for your help.

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Hi I have encountered the similar type of issue “http” missing