/tmp semantics regarding ram/disk

Hi all,

I am curious if I write to /tmp in a running container (to generate a PDF) using the k8s executor, is /tmp a RAM disk or not? I need to determine if when I write to /tmp if the file is actually getting written to disk or not?


Hi Joe,

Do you know if that pod has any volumes attached at that location? If /tmp is mounted as a persistent volume then it will write to that volume. If /tmp isn’t mounted as a persistent volume or emptyDir then it is written in the writable layer of the underlying container runtime. If you’re using Docker, containerD, or CRI-O, a good explanation can be found here. You can view the location of the underlying container’s volumes with the container runtimes inspect command.

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Ralph, thanks for the response.

Yes, this is a question about how Astronomer Cloud works precisely. With your response, I will assume that writes are exhibiting the default behavior with regards to the top writable layer, and will be deleted when a garbage collection process runs to clean up stopped containers.

I will need to set up a volume on my worker pods to be a ramdisk. I will follow up with my astronomer rep. Thanks again for your help getting this answered.