Understanding where files are saved when running airflow locally

Hi every one,

My name is Younes, and I’am having fun improving my knowledge in ETL data using Airflow, But from time to time I’m struggling with some issues, Like in the following example.I’ve created the following Dag to apply what I’ve learned, the Dag is working very well.

However I need to understand two things.

The first one is where can I find this Path : /tmp/data2.csv in my laptop ?
The second one is why I’am having this warning/error each time I’am running a DAG?

[2022-09-20, 12:27:59 CEST] {factory.py:116} ERROR - Did not find openlineage.yml and OPENLINEAGE_URL is not set
[2022-09-20, 12:27:59 CEST] {factory.py:38} WARNING - Couldn't initialize transport; will print events to console.
[2022-09-20, 12:27:59 CEST] {logging_mixin.py:115} WARNING - /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/airflow/configuration.py:525 DeprecationWarning: The sql_alchemy_conn option in [core] has been moved to the sql_alchemy_conn option in [database] - the old setting has been used, but please update your config.

Thanks for your answers in advance,