What is registry_conn_id and from where I can get it in case of Azure container Registry?

Hi, My requirement is to run the Azure container Instance in my Azure Instance and run the container Image.
I user the AzureContainerInstanceOperator and the doccumentation from Astronomer for the same.
I created the Airflow connection with the type Azure Container Instance , client Id, Client secret, Tenant Id and subscription Id as given in the doc.
I have also added the parameter values in the DAG task ‘run_container’ like registry_conn_id = registry Id
resource_group=Resource group Name,
name=Container Insance Name,
image=registry login server/image name,
region=Resource group location from Azure

I refreshed the airflow, triggered the DAG. But my DAG is still showing as running. Nothing changed since triggered. I also don’t see any task logs in Airflow.

Please suggest what can be the issue. If I did something wrong?

Hi, After sometime the task ran but failed due to ‘registry_conn_id’ isn’t defined.
Does anyone know, From where i can get the ‘registry_conn_id’ value for Azure container registry?