What is the `Worker Termination Grace Period` on Astronomer's UI?

Workers effectively restart after each astro airflow deploy to make sure they’re looking at the most up-to-date code. However, there’s a process in Airflow we call a worker termination grace period that helps minimize disruption during task execution.

If a deploy is triggered while a celery worker is executing a task, the worker will continue to execute that task before restarting itself up to a certain number of minutes. Our default grace period is currently 10 mins, but that’s actually something you can adjust freely on the Astronomer UI ( deployments > Configure > Worker Termination Grace Period) - see below for a screenshot.

Note that this is only the case if your deployment is running with a Celery Executor - if you’re running on a local executor, your workers will start immediately upon deployment.

P.S. You might hear this referred to as the “Celery Flush Period.”