Airflow UI not showing

I have installed airflow in my local machine using docker and linux subsystem. I am able to login to UI and navigate through it but I am not able to see the in UI.

Are there any errors on the webserver UI?

Do you have the dags_folder configuration set?

Are there any DagFileProcessor logs in the scheduler container?


Hi Alan,

There are no errors on UI. Also, as per your comment above I have set configurations for dags_folder.
AIRFLOW__CORE__DAGS_FOLDER = /home/username/airflow_dir/dags
AIRFLOW_HOME = /home/username/airflow_dir

Still I am not able to see my dag in UI. Also, let me know in case I have to do any other configurations.
Also, there is no logs folder created inside my airflow_dir directory as shown below:

Dockerfile airflow_settings.yaml dags include packages.txt plugins requirements.txt


Hi Satyam,

To clarify your question, did you write a DAG named that you can’t see, or are you talking about the example_dags that are included with airflow?

Assuming the second case, the samples can be controlled in airflow.cfg by using:
load_examples = False
load_examples = True