Example dag not loading in UI after astronomer cli quickstart

I have my local airflow up and running on macos docker.

Astro CLI Version: 0.26.0, Git Commit: 698219b3b8d7deabb04d7dd190abe6eb3b4623ef

The UI loads, but the example DAG does not show up in the UI. The dagbag on the webserver container is empty as well.

$ docker exec -it d2ff7db91658 /bin/bash

astro@d2ff7db91658:/usr/local/airflow$ cd dags

astro@d2ff7db91658:/usr/local/airflow/dags$ ls


Alright I had to enable file sharing in macos docker under preferences > resources > file sharing

I can now see my dagbag in the webserver container, but nothing in the UI, and nothing in the scheduler container dagbag folder?

Alright I deleted all the images and started astronomer up again and it’s working now.