DAGs are not showing in my webserver UI

I followed this tutorial on getting a new Airflow 2.0 build created and added the example DAG. but when I go to my local Airflow web ui no dags show up.

I’ve run astro start/stop multiple times to get it to refresh to no avail, I just get an empty DAGs list in the UI

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Can you check if there are dags in the dags directory in the scheduler container?

docker ps
docker exec -it <scheduler-container-id> bash

Another couple of things to check:

  1. Are you sure you set the dag_id? When I first started with airflow, I sometimes forgot to set the dag_id when I copy/pasted from another dag. Once it had a unique dag_id, it would show.

  2. Are you sure there aren’t any errors/typos in your dag? I find the error box in the web UI very subtle and sometimes don’t catch that there’s an error.


Facing a similar issue. Airflow UI is up but example dag is not shown and no dags are seen in the container as well. Any suggestions?

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Potentially related to: Example dag not loading in UI after astronomer cli quickstart