Astro dev init / astro dev start not working


All was functioning well before, but after upgrading my Ubuntu from 20.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS, even a vanilla Astronomer installation will not start anymore. All is fine first, but it gets eternally stuck in the phase “Airflow is starting up! This might take a few minutes…”

After a while, with docker ps I can see all 3 Docker containers being unhealthy. With astro dev ps, I see 4 containers with the state ‘running’.

All 3 astro dev logs commands return only one line: Waiting for database: postgres:5432, even though I can see the postgres container up and running.

I’ve tried to do the following, with no luck:

  • Changed the postgres port (5432 is available anyway)
  • astro dev kill and docker system prune
  • Re-installed and upgraded Docker to 20.10.18
  • Upgraded Astro CLI to 1.6.0

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Hey @mnordstrom ! This is a tricky one. Sorry to hear you were having trouble. Did you end up getting it sorted?

I finally did. The mistake I first made was to leave some old minor Docker package installed, so the uninstall wasn’t total. After purging and reinstalling everything, it started to work again.