Astro CLI 'astro dev start' failing

Hi all,

I am attempting to set up local dev environment on my Mac using Astro CLI but when I try to execute ‘astro dev start’ to spin up the airflow containers I get a non helpful error. Any insight into this would be much appreciated.

xxx@xxxxx hello-astro % astro dev start

Sending build context to Docker daemon 35.33kB

Step 1/1 : FROM Quay

Get “”: EOF

Error: command 'docker build -t hello-astro_03dc37/airflow:latest failed: failed to execute cmd: exit status 1

Hi @brew354, thanks for reaching out!

Could you please share the contents of your Dockerfile and Astro CLI version?

Hi @magdagultekin

Here is the dockerfile:

hello-astro % cat Dockerfile
FROM Quay (not sure why this is shorting to just a link but full is ‘Quay’)


hello-astro % astro version
Astro CLI Version: 1.9.0

@brew354, is there http:// before the Docker image? If so, could you please change it to the following:


yep, that’s what is in the dockerfile, it just shorthanded it when I pasted it in the message.

Did you see get any log before the error. Or is that the whole output from the command?