Astro dev start error

I’m following the certification preparation course. Running astro dev start results in this error:

Env file ".env" found. Loading...
buildkit not supported by daemon
Error: command 'docker build -t astro_d7eada/airflow:latest failed: failed to execute cmd: exit status 1

My setup:

  • macOS Big Sur version 11.2.3 (20D91)
  • zsh 5.8 (x86_64-apple-darwin20.0)
  • Docker Desktop version 3.3.1 (63152)
    • Engine 20.10.5
    • Compose 1.29.0
    • Kubernetes v1.19.7
    • Notary 0.6.1
    • Credential Helper 0.6.3
    • Snyk v1.461.0

Never mind. I found there’s another post which talks about this. Since I have Docker Desktop for macOS installed, this worked for me.


  "debug": true,
  "experimental": false


  "debug": true,
  "experimental": false,
  "features": {
    "buildkit": false

Yup, this will do it! Thanks for the update @ejstembler and glad you got it running. We’re working on a long-term fix for buildkit support :slight_smile: