Astronomer Docker container images for Apple Silicon

Hello! We are a paid customer of Astronomer and are wondering when the Apple Silicon Astronomer buster images will be available? Right now the containers are failing to start up.

Hi @tcr-tech! Thanks for reaching out - excited to hear you’re running on Astronomer with Apple’s latest.

Our team has not thoroughly tested Astronomer Certified images on an Apple M1 machine, though a team member hit some trouble installing the Astronomer CLI. Local functionality for the Astronomer CLI and AC are dependent on Docker, which is still in Beta for Apple M1. Docker Docs: Apple M1 Tech Preview | Docker Documentation

Two questions for you:

  • Have you tried downloading Docker Desktop for Apple M1?
  • Can you send over the stacktrace you’re seeing when the containers fail to start up?

We’ll keep you posted here as we investigate support further. For now, we don’t have a firm timeline for when production support for Apple M1 will be available.