Can I integrate Sumologic with Astronomer?

Sumologic is a DevOps logs and monitoring tool that some of our Enterprise customers might be interested in integrating with our platform. The configurations needed to implement that integration are not currently supported natively within our product - it’s not an integration we’ve tested ourselves and it is not something that falls within the scope of our support team. With that said, we’re happy to point folks who are interested in the right direction.

Generally, we recommend leveraging the FluentD to Sumologic plugin, as Astronomer ships logs to FluentD. You’ll most like need 2 major modifications on the platform - guidelines below.

Modification 1 - Install Sumologic plugin

To do this you’ll need to:

  1. Create a docker image that contains the Sumologic plugin, which would probably be distributed as a ruby gem. Everything needed to build that image is located here -
  2. Edit include/Gemfile​ to contain your new plugin.
  3. Once you’ve built an image, you’ll need to push it to a repository that can be accessed by your Kubernetes cluster (EKS, GKE, etc.)
  4. Then, update your helm release of the platform to use those that new image. The default configuration is located here You’ll need to override those values by providing your new image, so your platform config yaml would contain something like:
          repository: your-new-repository/fluentd
          tag: v1.0.0

Modification 2 - Update the Fluentd config

Finally, you’ll need to update the Fluentd configuration to also output the logs to Sumologic using the previously installed plugin.

The default Kubernetes ConfigMap ​for this is located here. You’ll need to append a new similar block that contains the information needed to route to Sumologic in this file.

Final Note

If you do try this out, we’d recommend doing so in a development cluster before moving on to a production environment.

Again, these configurations have not been tested by our team and are not officially supported by Astronomer (yet). With that said, don’t hesitate to drop feedback or questions below and we’re happy to let the community chime in + help to the extent that we can.