Creating Custom Connection Types

So i want to add custom connection types to our instance, but I am having trouble getting it to work. I am looking at this as a reference.
I added these lines to my custom hook:

    conn_name_attr = 'http_conn_id'
    default_conn_name = None
    conn_type = 'Etsy'
    hook_name = 'Etsy'

Which should have been enough to populate the custom connection type right? Is it because we have not built our custom plugins into a provider, just stored them in the plugins folder?

Commenting to hopefully get this some visibility.
I have some time to dig into this more and i have created a hook that will be inherited by other hooks. Eventually i want the child hooks to be able to modify and create their own connection types using the parent connection type as a minimum requirements. First gotta get this working in the parent hook though:

class IntegrationsHook(HttpHook):
    conn_type = 'integrations'
    hook_name = 'Integrations Hook'

    def get_connection_form_widgets():
        from flask_appbuilder.fieldwidgets import BS3TextFieldWidget
        from flask_babel import lazy_gettext
        from wtforms import StringField
        return {
            "extra__vault": StringField(lazy_gettext('Vault'), widget=BS3TextFieldWidget()),
            "extra__connection_prefix": StringField(lazy_gettext('Connection Prefix'), widget=BS3TextFieldWidget()),
    def get_ui_field_behaviour():
        Returns custom field behaviour
        :return: a dictionary containing two keys:
            'hidden_fields': a set of fields to hide from the UI
            'relabeling': a dictionary of {old_name: new_name} to rename fields
        return {
            'hidden_fields': {'port', 'schema', 'login', 'password'},
            'relabeling': {'host': 'Base URL'}

This is the code i have for the parent hooks custom connection details. It is based off of code found in these two locations:

I feel like the code is correct but i still don’t see the expected integrations connection type when i go to create a connection. Any help would be appreciated!