Custom DAG Groupings

So looking at the DAG list you have the options of All, Active, and Paused. Is there a way to add to this? I know you can add tags to help with filtering, so maybe there’s a way to set a new tab that only shows a specific tag? We have 50 dags right now and it would be nice to start getting some organization going if this is possible. Thanks!

You can add tags to DAGs in your DAG definition and then filter by tag on the UI.

Thanks, but I am aware of that. I am hoping there’s a way to leverage that functionality into adding additional buttons to this filter bar:

That way its as simple as a click to filter and i can see how many DAGs fall under that tag at a glance

There is not a way to add tag groupings to that bar. You could open a GitHub Issue or submit your own PR for making this change, but in Airflow today that is not available.