Multiple Folders inside Dags

Is it possible to multiple folders Inside DAGS and also display same in UI



Can Project1 and Project2 be displayed in UI if I click that inside I should see their respective dags

As we are moving away from Talend to airflow

There are a lot of folders we have in Talend… So would be nice to have same in Airflow UI

Any idea about this?

Hey @karthikrajashekaran,

This is not currently a feature within Airflow. However, it’s one I’ve seen discussed a number of times and there is an active issue and an open pull request on the Airflow project to alleviate some of the organization issue.

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There is a PR to add tags that will be good. In short term, the convention is to include keyword in dag name and you can filter on that - not awesome, hence this PR.

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