Extra Capacity AU limit for Deployment

The upper limit of Max AU’s is defined in the helm chart, which can be updated via running the below command

helm repo add astronomer https://helm.astronomer.io
helm repo update
helm upgrade --resuse-values --version=<platform version>  --set astronomer.houston.config.deployments.maxExtraAu=<new value> <release name> -n <namespace> astronomer/astronomer --debug

If you are having difficulty in pulling the values please share below details

helm ls -A
helm get values astronomer -n astronomer 

Example: you can get your current config value like this:

helm get values astronomer -n astronomer -o yaml > some.yaml

edit the maxextraAu in the yaml file & do the helm upgrade using the below command

helm upgrade -f some.yaml astronomer -n astronomer --version 0.27.0 astronomer/astronomer --debug

Also, we can try upgrading by pointing to the config file.

helm upgrade astronomer --reuse-values -f config.yml --set astronomer.houston.config.deployments.maxExtraAu=800 -n astronomer --debug