How should I use the KubernetesPodOperator?

I’m looking to implement the KubePodOperator into a few of my DAGs, and to replace the Docker Operator. What’s the best way to do that? What should I know?

The KubePodOperator works the same way as the Docker operator - all you need to do is supply an image to run.

Astronomer Cloud stores the kube config in the cluster, your namespace will be astronomer-cloud-DOMAIN (e.g. astronomer-cloud-frigid-vacuum-0996) and in_cluster need to be set to True.

If you are running AIrflow 1.9, you will need to clone this repo:

If you are using out initial 1.10.1 support, you can import it as you would any other plugin in the contrib folder:

A full set of params can be found in each of those links above.