How to view Astronomer users on cloud / enterprise?

Is there a way to see all of the Astronomer users that have signed in or registered an account?

For example, I go to and log in or sign up as “John”. It takes me to a view where I can see workspaces and deployments that I’ve created. But I have another member of my team, “Mary”, who also creates workspaces and deployments.

How can I see “Mary” and the workspaces she’s created?

Hi @lee! Welcome to Astronomer - great question. If you’re running Astronomer Enterprise, you’ll need to be a “System Admin” to view users (and Airflow Deployments) across Workspaces.

Here’s a sneak peek of what that view looks like:

From that view, you’ll be able to click into each user to see what Workspaces they’re a part of and what sets of permissions they have. If you’re already a SysAdmin, you can use that view to assign the SysAdmin role to other users. The user view looks like this:

If you’re not a SysAdmin, you’ll need to have a user from your organization who IS a SysAdmin assign you that role first. If you’re not sure who that is, get in touch with the person who first installed Astronomer. The first user to log in to the platform will have been given the SysAdmin role by default.

For more information on the SysAdmin role in general, check out our “Manage Platform Users” doc.

This is very helpful! Thanks, Paola!

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