I'm trying to include scipy in my deployment but keep getting an error

If you include scipy in your requirements.txt you may see an error similar to this when you go to deploy.

Command "/usr/bin/python3.6 -m pip install --ignore-installed --no-user --prefix /tmp/pip-build-env-tx17rce7 --no-warn-script-location --no-binary :none: --only-binary :none: -i https://pypi.org/simple -- setuptools wheel>0.32.0.<0.33.0 Cython cymem>=2.0.2,<2.1.0 preshed>=2.0.1,<2.1.0 murmurhash>=0.28.0,<1.1.0 thinc==7.0.0.dev6" failed with error code 1 in None
The command '/bin/sh -c pip install --no-cache-dir -q -r requirements.txt' returned a non-zero code: 1

scipy requires a few additional packages to be installed. Edit the packages.txt file to include the following


My docker build is hanging when I add those OS level packages. The base image I’m using is astronomerinc/ap-airflow:master-1.10.3-onbuild
Not sure if that matters.