Installing python dependencies from multiple requirements txt files with docker-astroner


I’m new to astronomer, and am trying to use a docker-astronomer container for local unit and integration tests.

Currently I have 2 files specifying python dependencies:

  1. requirements.txt
  2. requirements-dev.txt

The first file installs automatically when running astro dev init and astro dev start. Is there a way to also install the dependencies from the file named requirements-dev.txt automatically ?

Hi @csteele,

We normally recommend against having two different requirements.txt files, especially because of possible deployment config drift.

Adding the second requirements-dev.txt might work if you add this to the Dockerfile:

USER root
# Install additional requirements file
COPY requirements-dev.txt .
RUN pip install --no-cache-dir -q -r requirements-dev.txt
USER astro

I tried that and it didn’t.


Managed to make it work with requirements-dev.txt

USER root
# delete copied (by default) requirements.txt file
RUN rm requirements.txt
# copy requirements-dev.txt
COPY requirements-dev.txt requirements-dev.txt
# Install additional requirements file
RUN pip install --no-cache-dir -r ./requirements-dev.txt
USER astro