Reason for [astro dev run dags list] returning [no data found]?

Basically title.

Running astro dev run variables list or astro dev run connections list returns whatever is visible in the UI. However, astro dev run dags list returns no data found even though the UI has the same 9 dags as specified in my local .py-files.

Note: astro dev parse returns no error.

I hope I got my question across.

I will answer my own question.

It turns out that I had different runtimes running, 9.1.0 was published, but I had 9.5.0 locally.

Hey @yeykawb, Hope this is sorted, Let us know if you still have any open queries regarding this.

In case you are running multiple local Astro Airflow projects, feel free to stop the projects using astro dev stop and start the other one using astro dev start. It will utilize the existing stopped containers to resume from where you left off.

To kill the containers use astro dev kill.

The Forum comment references various useful links/guides/docs for Astro CLI.

Hope this helps!